Past Events

December 3, 2004                         MD Winemakers Speak up, Commonwealth Club, SF, CA

November 22, 2004                      “Keep the Dream Alive” Michael P. Anderson Benefit Dinner                                                                  Steam Plant Grill, Spokane, WA
 We were proud to be a part of the fundraising campaign for the bronze statute to honor our local hero.  reduced replica of her creation & it is beautiful!

November 19-21, 2004                   Holiday Wine Festival, Spokane, WA
                                                         RELEASE!  2001 Robert Karl Cabernet

November 19, 2004                        Epicurean Delight, Convention Center, Spokane, WA

November 13, 2004                         Tri-Cities Wine Festival, Red Lion, Pasco, WA

November 12, 2004                        Cork & Keg, Spokane, WA

November 1, 2004                          Children Home Society Wine Tasting, Downriver Grill

October 23, 2004                           Fall Festival of Wines, Coeur d’Alene, ID
This lovely event at the Coeur d’Alene Resort  is a wonderful fundraiser.

October 2, 2003                               Toasting & Tasting, St Steven’s, Spokane, WA
As fun as we remembered!

August 26 & 28, 2004                      PICNIC & Auction of Washington Wines,
                                                          Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, WA
Two fun evenings spent raising $1.6 million to benefit uncompensated care at Children's Hospital and Washington Wine Education Foundation. 

August 15, 2004                              Taste of the Stars, Sandpoint, ID
Sipping wine & listening to the symphony along the waterfront is a beautiful thing!

August 7, 2004                                 Northwest Enological Society, SSCC, Seattle, WA
The 2001 Claret received a GOLD!

August 5, 2004                                Wine Tasting, The Met Coffee & Wine Bar, Renton, WA
A fun and hopping place!

July 22-24, 2004                              Sun Valley Wine Auction, Sun Valley, ID
Sun Valley is a beautiful setting for a great event.!

June 26, 2004                                   Sunshine & Wine, Yakima, WA
Wow!  The 2001 Claret received Gold, Best Red Wine, and BEST OF SHOW

June 13, 2004                                   Taste Washington, Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA
A don’t miss event!

June 4, 2004                                     Grape & Grain, Ft. Mukogawa Commons, Spokane, WA
Beautiful new venue.

May 19 & 20, 2004                          An Evening of Elegance at Hannah’s Garden, Spokane, WA
Cataldo parents should look for this one next year.  It was wonderful! 

May 13, 2004                                  Adventures in Wine Tasting, Del Mar, CA
Wow, this was pretty heady stuff!  Our wines were well received in California!

May 12, 2004                                  Adventures in Wine Tasting, Hotel Sofitel, Los Angeles, CA

May 11, 2004                                  Adventures in Wine Tasting, Daly City, CA

May 7, 8, 9, 2004                            Spring Barrel Tasting, Spokane, WA
                                                         RELEASE!  2003 Cabernet Franc Rose

April 30, 2004                                 Tasting at Vino! Spokane, WA
An intimate tasting with friends, old & new.

April 18, 2004                                 Taste Washington, Stadium Exhibition Center, Seattle, WA
Just when I think we have THE premier wine event, the crew at the Wine Commission steps it up another notch!  Our Claret was paired with the Rainier Club’s Lamb Sausage.  YUM! 

April 14, 2004                                 Bon Chic Tasting at the Wine Seller, Kennewick, WA
These chicks are FUN!

April 3, 2004                                   An Evening of Wine & Flowers, St Luke’s Rehab, Spokane This is such a worthy cause and such a fantastic event!

March 27, 2004                               Mostly Merlot, Spokane Club, Spokane, WA
The chefs cooked up some magic!

March 26, 2004                               Fire Fighter’s Cask & Keg, Cafe Americana, Spokane, WA
Wow! Fun tasting!  Thank you firefighters for all you do!

March 24, 2004                               Women in Wine Dinner                                                                                                                              Georgian Room, Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle, WA
This was a beautiful event in the ever elegant Olympic Hotel.  Chef Gavin did an outstanding job pairing the food to the wine! 

March 6, 2004                                 Wine, Stein and Dine, Post Falls, ID
Great food, wines and micro brews. 

February 26, 2004                          Taste Washington, Golden Gate Club, San Francisco, CA
Our wine was very well received at this beautiful event held at the Presido in San Francisco, CA 

December 18, 2003                          Tasting at The Spokane Club, Spokane, WA
You may now enjoy a bottle of Robert Karl Cabernet with your dinner at the Spokane Club! 

December 12, 2003                          Christmas in the Cellar, Winemaker Dinner with Chef                                                                         Doug Fisher, Spokane, WA  SOLD OUT
Doug did a fabulous job pairing the wine & food!  Looking forward to doing it again. 

November 21-23, 2003                   Holiday Wine Festival, Spokane, WA
                                                         RELEASE!  2001 Robert Karl Claret
We continue to be amazed by the number of NEW visitors! 

November 21, 2003                        Cork & Keg, Spokane, WA
A great showing, even with 6” of fresh snow!

November 8, 2003                          Tri-Cities Wine Festival, Red Lion, Pasco, WA
 We received a Bronze!

November 7, 2003                          Epicurean Delight, Convention Center, Spokane, WA
Our local chefs really know their business!  Wonderful dishes, elegantly prepared. 

October 18, 2003                           Fall Festival of Wines, Coeur d’Alene, ID
This lovely event at the Coeur d’Alene Resort was a blast!

October 16, 2003                            Dames d’Escoffier International Meeting, Seattle, WA
What an exciting group of women!

October 11, 2003                            Toasting & Tasting, St Steven’s, Spokane, WA
This event is always fun!

October 4, 2003                             Vine, Stein, & Dine, March of Dimes

September 27, 2003                       Festival of Foodies, SCC, Spokane, WA

September 25, 2003                       WickEd’s Greek Dinner & Wine Auction, Everett, WA
Although we did not personally attend, we have heard from a couple of sources that this was a huge success!

September 24, 2003                      Winemaker Dinner, Eses, Post Falls, ID
What a fun evening with wonderful food!

September 12 & 13, 2003            Wine Tasting, Visconti’s, Leavenworth, WA
This was a great weekend with Visconti’s restaurant & wine shop.  Our wines were listed on the fresh sheet and paired nicely with the food specials.  We particularly enjoyed our 2002 Sauvignon Blanc with the Scallops and our 1999 Cabernet with the Oso Bucca. 

August 23, 2003                           Auction of Washington Wines,
                                                       Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, WA
Oh!  What a beautiful event!  The food was fabulous and wines were world class.  This very worthy event raised $1.8 million for the Children’s Hospital and Regional Medical Center and the Washington Wine Education Consortium.

August 22, 2003                            Wine Tasting, Barking Frog, Willows Lodge
                                                        Woodinville, WA

August 21, 2003                            PICNIC
                                                       Chateau Ste. Michelle, Woodinville, WA

August 2, 2003                              Northwest Enological Society, SSCC, Seattle, WA

July 24, 2003                                 West Seattle Cellars Wine Tasting, Seattle, WA

June 22, 2003                                 Taste Washington, Spokane
                                                        Davenport Hotel, Spokane, WA

June 6, 2003                                   Grape & Grain, Spokane, WA

April 2003                                      NorthWest Wine Summit
We brought home a SILVER! 

April 9, 2003                                  Festival of Flowers, St Luke’s, Spokane, WA

March 15, 2003                             Esquin Tasting, Seattle, WA

February 15 -17, 2003                   2nd International Wine & Heart Summit
The studies are conclusive!  We need to drink at least 2 glasses of red wine a day.

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